Simply Crochet Hook ‘n’ Learn Blanket CAL – Part 8


Ta da! Part 8 of my Simply Crochet blanket is now complete. I feel like I’m starting to get on a bit of a roll with it now and my excitement to hold my first ever finished crochet blanket is building. I know I’ve still got a bit of a way to go with the remaining parts, the joining and the edging but I’m really enjoying seeing it evolve.


The puff stitch design used for this part has been one of my favourites, I really love the look and texture of this stitch, and once again it was so easy to create! I’ve mentioned the details in one of my previous posts, but the whole blanket is made using Scheepjes Stone Washed XL yarn, the colour used in this part is Morganite (874). There is another colourway that uses Scheepjes Colour Crafter yarn but I really loved the colours in the Stone Washed XL version.


I’ve started contemplating whether I would like to sign up for the International Crochet Diploma. I read an article about it recently in Simply Crochet by the lovely Eleonora Tully from Coastal Crochet and having looked in to it in more detail, it sounds really interesting and I would love to learn how to write my own patterns and make sure I’m doing the different crochet techniques correctly. But I’m going to have a think about it a bit more and make sure it’s definitely something I want to do and and put enough time into, to pursue. Right, I’m off to start part 9 now!

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