Simply Crochet Hook ‘n’ Learn Blanket CAL – Part 7


Drumroll please, I’m proud to present a completed Part 7 of the Simply Crochet Hook ‘n’ Learn Blanket CAL from Issue 74, looking all colourful and slightly hypnotic with some psychedelic swirly patterns. I know I’ve said it before but I absolutely adore this Scheepjes Stone Washed XL yarn. They’re incredibly soft and the colours are so vibrant.


Like the previous parts in the crochet along, I got to learn ways of creating a new pattern and yet it was so easy and quick to create. And so my blanket is getting there slowly! I definitely think all the parts will need blocking before I join them, don’t you think? Some of them are a bit curly at the edges and this part in particular could really use some assistance in lying flat and a little less wonky!


Time to pull out Issue 75 and get started on Part 8. Having seen lots of peoples finished blankets popping up on Instagram lately it’s given me a burst of motivation to get my blankets finished, and its just the kick up the bum I needed for this project! I’m already looking forward to sharing my next finished part with you!

You see my previous post with more information about the CAL here: Simply Crochet Hook ‘n’ Learn CAL Blanket



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